About Bollinis Of Alva

Located at132 W Stirling St, Alva FK12 5EN, Bollinis of Alva is a great pizzeria where you can order delicious pizzas, calzones, kebabs, burgers, and many other tasty dishes.
If you ask any local near Stirling St, “where is the best pizzeria near me?” You will hear the name, “Bollinis of Alva.”
Pizza lovers can’t say no to our Meat Feast Pizza which is prepared with fresh ingredients. No matter where you are, whether in your home or at work, with our no-contact food delivery, you’ll receive your order in a very short time.
You can enjoy an extra 10% discount on online orders.
Our priority is staff and customers’ health, and through the Covid-19 pandemic, we have highlighted an extra importance, so by hygienically packaging the dishes, you can order with peace of mind.
Not only can you order online and pay by cash, but you can also use our secure and trusted PayEat online payment system to pay for your orders, all done online!
Special thanks for visiting our website.

Feel like picking up the phone to order? No problem! Call us on 01259 508172.



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